Quality Framework

At Airpac, we firmly believe in maintaining regulatory quality standards while upholding the norms and delivering our services with the utmost integrity at all levels of business. Our in-house Research and Development cell, which helps us to deliver and develop cost effective, non-transgressing and innovative processes along with our modern and state-of-the-art organizational capacities have in turn helped us to adapt and adhere to the ever changing international regulations.

ACPL utilizes new generation concepts and technologies such as:

  • Proprietary Drive Technology in collaboration with ZiehlAbegg SE, Germany
  • Specially designed Hepa Filters
  • Laminarity up to 3 – 4 Feet from Hepa
  • Constant Velocity under Dynamic Conditions
  • BMS ready System
  • Reduced DB Levels
  • Up to 75% Energy Efficient over Conventional Systems
  • Compact Sizing
  • Have the lowest Specific Fan Power