O Rabs

Open restricted access barrier system use an integral HEPA-filtered air supply or use cleanroom ceiling-mounted HEPA-filtered air supply. It can be integrated with filling machine, auto loading, and unloading systems etc to provide Class A airflow to guarantee aseptic process.

Features :

  • Exhaust air bleeds out underneath the barrier back to the clean room.
  • Unidirectional airflow systems provide Grade A environment to the critical areas.
  • Rigid wall and doors provide physical separation of the aseptic processing operations from the operators.
  • Doors are controlled by safety switches. Alarm and stopping aseptic processing signal will be triggered when wrongly opening doors during aseptic production.
  • Gloves are used to access all the process area needed for intervention with doors closed.
  • Environment monitoring devices can be integrated according to customer's requirement, such as reserving the mechanical and electrical parts for particle counter and microbe sampler.
  • Manual high-level disinfection with appropriate sporicidal agents is suggested.

Specifications :

  • Simplicity in design with 304/316L stainless steel Frame
  • Fully opening vision panels in 10mm toughened safety glass
  • Glove port access in vision panels using HDPE elliptical
  • Uni-directional downward laminar flow over the whole area of the RABS at 0.45m/sec +/- 20% provided by either
  • Micro-perforated grill or polyester air distribution screen
  • EU Grade A (ISO5) conditions inside the barrier
  • Active RABS use high efficiency EC fans (Green Tech)
  • Active RABS fitted with either grade H14 HEPA filters or
  • U15 ULPA filters and Filter test ports
  • Pressure monitoring of filter differentials
  • Automated air velocity control to compensate for filter burden
  • Client specific Customization