Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment Storage Cabinets are specially designed to prevent the deposit of dust and particles on clean room garments when not in use. They are equipped with HEPA filter and UV germicidal tubes ensuring only sterile garments are used in clean rooms and controlled environments keeping out bacterial contamination.

ACPL manufactures both standard & customized Clean Room Garment Storage Cabinets for pharmaceutical industries. Garment Storage Cabinet is designed to provide ISO Class 5 (Class 100) particle free work area for storing sterile packed garments to meet garment storage needs while making a positive contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of your controlled cleanroom environment.

ULPA filtered airflow helps to keep clean room garments clean and tidy, when being handled and stored. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure HEPA filtered re-circulated vertical / horizontal air flow.

Garment Cabinet can be custom engineered to any size.

Specifications :

  • Energy efficient
  • Disposable pre filter
  • Reliable rocker switches
  • Versatile
  • Easy installation & low price
  • Built in solid state variable speed controllers
  • Made available in powder coated Mild Steel, SS 304 / 316 / 316L or a combination of both.